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Building a Productive Partnership Between Home and School

Together,  Jamie and his wife, Carol have over a half century of experience as educators in Ontario’s public education system. But they’re not done yet. In this innovative new podcast, the Brickers join forces to bring you insights and strategies on building effective and productive partnerships between home and school —— Bricker by Bricker!

Attitudes and Mindsets and Their Impact on Learning

There is no doubt that a parent’s attitude towards school has a huge impact on his/her child’s attitude towards school.  Over time, these attitudes, of both parent and child, create Mindsets that then have a tremendous impact on the child’s enjoyment of, and success at, school.  In today’s podcast, Jamie and Carol differentiate Growth and Fixed Mindsets and discuss ways for parents to foster a Growth Mindset for their children.


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Jamie Bricker was a long-time elementary school teacher and administrator with the Durham District School Board in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. He attained his Masters in Education (Curriculum) at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, and he relentlessly pursued heightened student achievement and engagement throughout both his teaching and administrative careers.

Over the past few years, Jamie has published his first book, "The New 3 Rs of Teaching and Learning", which is driven by the key thesis that educators need to value creative and innovative thinking in our students, rather than simply rewarding a good short-term memory.  Passionate innovation must always be valued far more than programmed recitation.

Jamie's ardent belief in this thesis is at the core of his interactive "Forge The Route" presentation, that he has shared with faculty of education students at various universities, as well as with current teachers and administrators.  The bottom line is that we have to encourage students of all ages to forge the route, rather than simply follow the rote!

In addition to educational speaking and writing, Jamie is also a formally trained mentor/coach through the Ontario Principals’ Council Mentor/Coaching Certification Program, and he relishes the opportunity to facilitate lifelong learning as a member of the Board of Directors of the Literacy Council of Durham Region.


Today’s learners must be valued for their ability to think, far more than for their ability to simply remember.  For far too long, successful students followed the teacher-imposed script and were content to simply memorize the content.  They can now access any facts and figures in a matter of seconds, so why should they be rewarded for spending hours memorizing anything?

Sustainable learning is driven by active exploration, not simply passive exposure to new material.   Students need to be encouraged to forge the route, not simply follow the rote!

As such, they need to routinely have opportunities to explore tasks that are PURPOSEFUL, PERSONAL, and PRACTICAL.

PURPOSEFUL tasks relate to real-life issues and help promote active learning.

PERSONAL tasks synthesize new meaningful learning with prior related experiences.

PRACTICAL tasks help lay the foundation for a lifetime of continuous discovery.

Passionate Innovation must be far more valued than programmed recitation!

Half Day Workshop

Forge the Route - Purposeful, Personal and Practical Tasks for Students

Hour Workshop

Forge Your Route - Exploring Your Choice of Three Key Concepts

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The New 3 Rs of Teaching and Learning

There will always be some memorization associated with new knowledge and skill acquisition, but to live a successful and fulfilling life in our modern world, teaching and learning must be guided by

The New 3 Rs: Richness, Relevance, and Return On Investment.

If classroom tasks don’t routinely connect with all three of these critical components, then educators must honestly ask themselves, “What R we teaching our students!”

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