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Jamie Bricker is a retired elementary school administrator and teacher. He is the author of The New 3 Rs of Teaching and Learning, which is driven by the key thesis that educators need to value creative and innovative thinking in our students, rather than simply rewarding a good short-term memory. We must encourage students of all ages to forge the route, rather than simply follow the rote.

Jamie is a highly sought-after speaker, available to deliver keynotes internationally to audiences of educators and students, all well as corporations a HR professionals.

Jamie attained his Masters in Education (Curriculum) at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, and he relentlessly pursued heightened student achievement and engagement throughout both his administrative and teaching careers.

He is also the co-host of the twice monthly podcast of “Bricker by Bricker” with his wife Carol. He lives in Oshawa, Ontario.


“Students need to learn how to think, not how to remember.”

— Jamie Bricker


The New 3 Rs of Teaching and Learning


There will always be some memorization associated with new knowledge and skill acquisition, but to live a successful and fulfilling life in our modern world, teaching and learning must be guided by

The New 3 Rs: Richness, Relevance, and Return On Investment.

If classroom tasks don’t routinely connect with all three of these critical components, then educators must honestly ask themselves, “What R we teaching our students!”

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